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ARCA aims to develop a conceptual model on the mechanism(s) behind the release of large volumes of cold and fresh water from melting of ice caps, investigating this complex system from both paleoclimatic and modern air-sea-ice interaction process point of view. ( Read more )


Invited Presentations

Extended Abstract


Here is a compilation of the extended abstracts presented to the ARCA Final conference held in Rome on 11 October 2016.
The compilation shows some of the results achieved within the ARCA project and the associated activity in the Arctic by the Italian research community. These results will be soon published in peer reviewed scientific journals. Anyhow the results listed here represent a first legacy of the first Italian project for research in the Arctic funded by the Italian Ministry of Instruction University and Research through the mechanism of rewarding funding for specific programs and projects proposed by the Public Scientific Research Institutes.

This first project developed in a National frame shows the potentiality of italian research in the Arctic, but as excellence in research is the result of a continuous process, this requires the establishment of an adeguate pluri-annual National support to improve the involvement of the Italian community in the Arctic research.

  • - All abstracts (download zip file - 45 MB)
  • View presentations and extended abstract also on Figshare


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